To Skövde and back again

For the larger part of the last week I have been to my former hometown Skövde. It was awesome meeting up with family and old friends, eating great food and even look at stars falling from the sky. Obviously I took the time to visit a couple of stores as well.

Game Maniacs in Lidköping has a huge portion of tabletop games and miniatures. They don’t just sell GW-stuff but all kinds of board games. This time I managed to leave their store without actually buying anything, nevertheless it was nice to check out their shelves.

Habo Hobby in Habo offers pretty much anything any train hobbyist could ever wish for, and more. They display a lot of stuff in their shop which I find very nice. I bought some basing materials I will use in the upcoming army of mine.

Back home in Gävle I paid my favourite local gaming store, HobbyShopen, a visit and finally got myself some of that sweet plastic drug we all crave for. Now I have one box of Dark Angels Company Veterans Squad, and two more on the way. These sets will hopefully serve me well in the conversions and kit bashing I need to do to get where I want.



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Posted: August 13, 2016


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