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New list with zombies

Time has come for me to dust off the old paints and brushes. A friend of mine talked me into getting back to the hobby, and to be honest I have missed it.

As always I had trouble with deciding what force to go with but the Lord of Decay surely calls for me. I’ve decided to go with some kind of a zombie-list, backed up by a couple of fellows wearing power armour. Let us hope it turns out fun to play with, and against. I would love to win a couple of games but I am not very into the whole cookie cutting business.

For the minis I am currently looking for zombies. I am thinking of going Imperial Guard (or whatever they are called these days?) mixed up with some undead bitz. Not very unique, I guess, but they look good and make sense fluffwize. The marines will likely be kit bashed out of parts from Death Guard as well as other sources. I love the idea of robes so I will have to look that up. The HQ will come out of the Calas Typhon figure.

Wish me luck and come back later for further updates. Please leave your comments and thoughts bellow.


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