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ALEX moved in

Since I ran out of stuff to do with my upcoming 40K-army – I am simply out of miniatures at the moment – I have been looking for other things to take care of. During the past days I have been working hard on organizing my dedicated hobby work area. Living in the country where every reasonably sized town has an IKEA-warehouse has its advantages. I got myself a drawer on casters named ALEX (502.649.27). I bought the grey one which I think fits in perfectly. The plan is to store all, or at least most of, my paints in it for easy access. The pots from Citadel fitted in perfectly but I have yet to find a solution for the ones from Vallejo. Maybe I will have those on a shelf or something, we will see. Anyway, I am very pleased with how it all turned out.

The featured image shows Ingvar Kamprad, who founded IKEA back in 1943.



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