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More bases for Blood Bowl

Using the same method I wrote about in an earlier post I have now finished a couple of more bases for my upcoming human team for Blood Bowl. To make the bases a little more interesting I’ve added some details to them.

The two cans were fun to make and I used Milliput Standard for that. Milliput is a two component epoxy putty, much like Green Stuff from Games Workshop. It is most likely a subjective opinion but I prefer Milliput because it feels easier to work with.

Here is a list of all brush medium I used to make these bases (as usual I used a grey primer from Vallejo):

Dirt and mud where done with:

  • Citadel Base XV-88.
  • Citadel Layer Karak Stone.
  • The Army Painter Strong Tone Ink.
  • The Army Painter Soft Tone Ink.

Blood and gore was painted with with:

  • Citadel Colour Dark Flesh.
  • Citadel Washes Baal Red.
  • The Army Painter Dark Tone Ink.
  • Citadel Colour Gloss Varnish on top to give the blood a wet look.

The lines where painted with a slightly watered down Citadel Colour Skull White.

The few rocks:

  • Painted with Citadel Colour Codex Grey.
  • Drybrushed with a some Citadel Colour Skull White mixed with the grey.
  • Washed with Vallejo Model Wash Oiled Earth 76.521.
  • I topped off with some more drybrushing with the grey mix

The cans where painted to differ from each other for variety:

  • Citadel Colour Blood Red for “Orca Cola”.
  • Citadel Foundation Mordian Blue, Citadel Colour Snot Green and Citadel Colour Sunburst Yellow for “Smite”.
  • For both cans I used Citadel Colour Skull White for the letters and Citadel Colour Mithril Silver for the bottom and top. I also painted an opening to the top by mixing the silver with Citadel Colour Chaos Black.



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