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Side project

I have begun on a small side-project. I did get some very nicely detailed miniatures from Anvil Industry and I decided to paint them up in a colour I don’t usually paint with. I think they look great, although they are in a very early stage.

I began by priming the miniatures with Vallejo Surface Primer Grey (74601) followed by Vallejo Surface Primer Black (74602) from bellow. Then I went over the models with Vallejo Model Air Blue RLM65 (71008) straight out of the bottle. After that I added a little Vallejo Model Air White (71001) to the mix and sprayed, from above, at some pieces standing out, like the feet and the backside of a leg. Obviously the heads and shoulders got this mix as well. After letting the paint dry for a bit I diluted Citadel Coelia Greenshade with a little thinner and washed the minis to the current state.



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The easiest step

Ok, maybe today’s update isn’t as hot as I made it sound in the last post but nevertheless it is an important one. I applied Vallejo Satin Varnish (70522), slightly diluted with Vallejo Airbrush Thinner (71161), over the models. I’ve heard a recommendation of a 7:2 mix but honestly I didn’t bother too much with exact numbers here. Simply put some varnish medium into the cup of the airbrush and drip a little thinner into it. Shake it a bit and spray it over the area you wish to varnish. It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that, really. This step of the project will need to dry overnight since varnish doesn’t dry as fast as acrylic paints.

The next step will be to use a wash on the models and the applied varnish helps out with that, making it flow nicely.


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Base coating

I managed to get some airbrushing and detail brushing done last night and it felt great! It has been quite a while since I painted the last time but most techniques just stay in memory once you have learned them; “A moment to learn, a lifetime to master”. I am far from mastering anything about painting miniature models but I am eager to learn.

I used my airbrush to put down three coats of paint and then I painted the eyes with a regular ‘fine detail’ brush. Here is the recipe:

  1. Prime the whole model with Vallejo Surface Primer Black (74602).
  2. Add Vallejo Surface Primer Grey (74601) from above at a 45 degree angle to – hopefully – add a little depth.
  3. Base coat the whole model with Vallejo Model Air Aged White (71132). This will be the colour of the armour.
  4. Use a fine detail brush to paint the eyes red with a very watered down Citadel Mephiston Red. A few thin layers should do the trick. Clean up any excess with some Vallejo Model Air Aged White (71132).

A good thing with Vallejo’s primers and the ‘Model Air’ colour-range is that they are ready to be airbrushed straight out of the bottle, without the need of getting thinned down. They also come in drop down bottles which makes it easy to put paint in the cup of the airbrush. Additionally, from my experience, Vallejo paint tend to react on airbrush thinner far better than the ones from Citadel, making it more simple to clean the brush afterwards.

I prefer drilling a small hole in the foot of the miniature I am going to paint, insert a paperclip with some super glue and then stick it in cork in order to have better control over it. Since I have only ten cork stoppers and fourteen models to paint I will have to go over these steps once more after the current batch is done.

This is how far I got last night before I felt to tired to continue and headed over to bed.



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