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I have begun on a small side-project. I did get some very nicely detailed miniatures from Anvil Industry and I decided to paint them up in a colour I don’t usually paint with. I think they look great, although they are in a very early stage.

I began by priming the miniatures with Vallejo Surface Primer Grey (74601) followed by Vallejo Surface Primer Black (74602) from bellow. Then I went over the models with Vallejo Model Air Blue RLM65 (71008) straight out of the bottle. After that I added a little Vallejo Model Air White (71001) to the mix and sprayed, from above, at some pieces standing out, like the feet and the backside of a leg. Obviously the heads and shoulders got this mix as well. After letting the paint dry for a bit I diluted Citadel Coelia Greenshade with a little thinner and washed the minis to the current state.



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Posted: September 9, 2016


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