Heretic Astartes

Chaos Space Marines get new rules with the book Traitor’s Hate. The description at Games Workshop’s site mentions updated rules for Chaos Predator and Vindicator squadrons, tactical objectives, four new psychic disciplines and a whole bunch of formations. Traitor’s Hate also include rules for Renegade Knights. I sense this is a must for every tabletop conqueror fielding Chaos out there.

As always there will be a very limited edition of the new book; 750 copies will be printed and it looks very cool.

Besides the new formation bundles Games Workshop offer there will be at least one new miniature for sale accompanying the new book; Khârn the Betrayer – Kill! Maim! Burn! The old miniature of said champion of Chaos is still available if anyone would prefer that – not sure why, the new one looks awesome!

Additionally White Dwarf – the magazine – moves back from a weekly issue to a monthly, like it used to be. Once again will it be available for subscription. From what I’ve heard, the first issue of “new” White Dwarf seem very promising and features no less than 156 pages in A4 format. Sounds pretty good to me! Looks like I’ve got something to write down on my wish list for Christmas this year.

Available items for pre-order listed here: https://www.games-workshop.com/…



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Posted: September 4, 2016


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