Blood on the Snow

Games Workshop just announced a new release for Blood Bowl. They call it Blood on the Snow and it features a winter-themed double-sided pitch. Together with the new field comes a matching weather table. I think it looks great!



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More bases for Blood Bowl

Using the same method I wrote about in an earlier post I have now finished a couple of more bases for my upcoming human team for Blood Bowl. To make the bases a little more interesting I’ve added some details to them.

The two cans were fun to make and I used Milliput Standard for that. Milliput is a two component epoxy putty, much like Green Stuff from Games Workshop. It is most likely a subjective opinion but I prefer Milliput because it feels easier to work with.

Here is a list of all brush medium I used to make these bases (as usual I used a grey primer from Vallejo):

Dirt and mud where done with:

  • Citadel Base XV-88.
  • Citadel Layer Karak Stone.
  • The Army Painter Strong Tone Ink.
  • The Army Painter Soft Tone Ink.

Blood and gore was painted with with:

  • Citadel Colour Dark Flesh.
  • Citadel Washes Baal Red.
  • The Army Painter Dark Tone Ink.
  • Citadel Colour Gloss Varnish on top to give the blood a wet look.

The lines where painted with a slightly watered down Citadel Colour Skull White.

The few rocks:

  • Painted with Citadel Colour Codex Grey.
  • Drybrushed with a some Citadel Colour Skull White mixed with the grey.
  • Washed with Vallejo Model Wash Oiled Earth 76.521.
  • I topped off with some more drybrushing with the grey mix

The cans where painted to differ from each other for variety:

  • Citadel Colour Blood Red for “Orca Cola”.
  • Citadel Foundation Mordian Blue, Citadel Colour Snot Green and Citadel Colour Sunburst Yellow for “Smite”.
  • For both cans I used Citadel Colour Skull White for the letters and Citadel Colour Mithril Silver for the bottom and top. I also painted an opening to the top by mixing the silver with Citadel Colour Chaos Black.



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Blood Bowl basing

With my upcoming human Blood Bowl team I’ve decided to go with grass bases. I am fan of putting some effort into basing miniatures and because of this I will try to add some details to them. White lines, bloody gore and other stuff you might find out on the pitch is what I have in mind.

The main recipe for all the bases will be the same and as a reminder for me – as well as a guide for anyone interested – I’ve created this “how-to” bellow. Enjoy!

This is what you will need:

  • A base, or a number of bases actually. I’ve used regular 32mm ones.
  • Glue, the milky kind.
  • Citadel Sand and The Army Painter Field Grass.
  • Primer, I used Vallejo Grey Primer 74.601.
  • Paint, Citadel Base XV-88 and Citadel Layer Karak Stone.
  • Inks, Strong Tone and Soft Tone, both from The Army Painter.
  • Any white and black paint for the lines and border of the base. I used Citadel Skull White and Citadel Chaos Black from the old range.
  • Something that looks like blood. I prefer Humbrol Enamel Gloss 20.

Here is how to put it all together:

  1. Apply glue, straight from the bottle to the base. I use a brush for this.
  2. Dip it in Citadel Sand and shake off the excess.
  3. Mix some glue with water, about 1/1 or so, and brush it all over the sanded base. This step helps binding the sand better.
  4. When the glue is completely dry, prime the base. I use my airbrush to apply Vallejo Grey Primer 74.601.
  5. When the primer is dry, paint the sand with Citadel Base XV-88.
  6. Use The Army Painter Strong Tone to wash the whole base.
  7. When dry, drybrush with Citadel Base XV-88.
  8. Drybrush with Citadel Layer Karak Stone.
  9. Wash with The Army Painter Soft Tone.
  10. Apply glue with a brush to the parts of the base you wish to cover with grass.
  11. Dip the base in The Army Painter Field Grass and add some pressure to make the flock really set in the glue. Tap the base to remove any excess.
  12. Paint the edge of the base in a color that fits your need. I chose black for this team.

You are now done. From here you can move on by adding some white markings, blood and whatever you see fit.



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Blood Bowl

About a hundred years ago me and a couple of friends ventured into the amazing Old World with our fantasy football teams. The game was Blood Bowl and we loved it.

Recently Games Workshop decided to revive the game with new releases, and from what I’ve seen it is still awesome. I had to get a box from my local gaming store immediately and start up a team. I’ve decided to go with the human team. I haven’t decided on a name yet but I have an idea of the paint scheme I am going for. I think they will look great in grey, white and red. The orcs I am going to save for later. I love the greenskins, but first things first.

The box comes with round slotted 31mm bases – I actually measured them – but I prefer bases without slots so I am going to use regular 32mm ones. To my appreciation the new game board with the field is somewhat scaled up from the classic one, making it easy to fit slightly larger bases on it.

I started up my team by gluing together the figures I am going to use. This was super-easy and no miniature had more – nor less – than three parts to fit together. They also had very few mold lines making this process pretty quick. I altered one of the blitzers a bit, allowing his head to face slightly to another direction. I like the models but they would take quite some effort if one wanted to personalize them further than that. I am tempted to do this but at the same time I want my team painted up as fast as possible.


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